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  Saturday, February 23, 2019

Hoyt Automotive

      Foreign & Domestic

      Car & Truck Repairs

   400 High Meadows Blvd.

      Lafayette, La. 70507



Hoyts Automotive began many years ago when Wade Hoyt came to Lafayette with a toolbox and a dream. Through the years that dream became a reality. You can see the reasons for his success every time you walk into Team Holt Automotive. Wade treats everyone the same way, open, honest and leaving nothing left to guess when he takes on the repairs of your vehicle.

Having earned the trust and respect of his clients Hoyt Automotive continues to grow. Wade also has a long history of racing in may differant venues. This racing background is one of the reasons Hoyts has the only Dynojet System available in the Lafayette Area. Whether your a racer or a avid wannbe, or the family car or pickup needs repairs, Team Hoyt is your place to be.

Hoyt Automotive

 Foreign & Domestic, Car & Truck Repairs

400 High Meadows Blvd., Lafayette, La. 70507

 Ph. 337.232.0514             Fax 337.233.5903            Toll Free 888.232.0524


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