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  Saturday, February 23, 2019

Hoyt Automotive

      Foreign & Domestic

      Car & Truck Repairs

   400 High Meadows Blvd.

      Lafayette, La. 70507



Our work is only as good as the parts we use, and we will only use the best After Market and OEM parts available for your vehicle. This means savings in the long run and is part of our continued comitment to doing the job right the first time.  Listed below are only a few of our trusted suppliers.



Bully Dog products gives you increased performance, added safety and improved economy.


Bumper to Bumper, quality parts and service for over 2,700 parts stores.



Give Your Vehicle a New Lease on Life with JASPER.


ACDelco has nearly 100 years of experience. They are a brand of GM Service and Parts Operations. A division of General Motors.






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